Want to include the CFCC in your plans?

If you want to include the CFCC or one of its funds in your will or other planning document, here is the language you want to use to ensure your intentions are honored:

"I have named the Community Foundation of Crawford County, Inc., (EIN: 20-0834966) at 4030 E. Goodman Ridge Road, Box D, Marengo, Indiana 47145, as a beneficiary of my      (Will, IRA, Insurance Policy, etc.)       in the amount of _  $.  00     or to receive ___________ property. Contact us if you need additional direction.  

The CFCC is pleased to provide the following free downloads for informational purposes to anyone who is interested. Please contact us if we can be of further assistance on these topics.

For individualized legal or monetary questions, please consult your attorney or financial advisor. 


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